Save up to 20% on home owner’s insurance premiums

For your home and family you are right to demand the very best protection against burglars, personal attack and fire.

For years our home security systems have been providing home owners with the high standard of intruder and fire protection that brings real peace of mind.

We design every home security system to be expandable. In other words a Ion Alarm system can grow with you. So if you later extend your home or you want your security system to be connected to our 24hr Alarm Monitoring Center, it isn't a problem. You won't need to throw away your investment and pay out again.

Our latest Ion Alarm System home burglar alarm and fire protection system is a perfect for most homes.

The Ion Alarm System can accommodate even larger properties.- and offers a complete range of detectors including pet-tolerant PIR, shock sensor for windows or doors, optical smoke detector, carbon monoxide and flood detectors, and a child-proof (twin-push) personal attack button. For ease of use the alarm system can be armed or disarmed (or part set for night time) using a simple and secure wire-free key fob - so no need to even remember a code!

The Ion Alarm System enables us to design a flexible, unobtrusive and very reliable home security alarm protection system for your home.