There is now an ever increasing need for quality data networks in the home, office and workplace with the development of new products and technologies that require access to the internet and data.

It is now common place for products such as digital television decoders, game consoles, media centers, music systems, intercoms and telephone systems to have access to the internet and data network.

The telephone and intercom have developed into fully functional communication devices that provide great flexibility with their ability to broadcast both voice and video communications over high speed data networks.

Having and allowing system access to your data network and internet brings a whole new range of functionality that may include benefits of being able to access and monitor the premises remotely whilst being away.

Home networking, often referred to as “smart wiring”, is the cabling infrastructure that delivers your Internet, Cable TV, Satellite TV, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Streaming Video and Telephone throughout your home. We live in an on-demand world packed full of information, entertainment and communication; all of which plays a vital role in our busy day-to-day lives. Home networking ensures that all of these technologies can be utilised right throughout the house, therefore maximising the potential and value of this feature-rich content.