Business Security Systems

We provide business security protection for a wide range of industrial, retail and commercial customers. Large and small companies, throughout Texas entrust their business security to us. In turn we pledge to provide the very best protection and service that money can buy.

Obviously an intruder (burglar) alarm is a must for any business. We have been supplying high-quality intruder alarm systems for years, and have the experience to specify the right intruder alarm for your premises and the specific level of business security risk you face.

CCTV surveillance systems are also widely used now in businesses of all kinds. You can be confident that we will advise you of the correct type of cameras and control and recording equipment to do the job effectively and at the least possible cost, as well as being able to advise you how to operate your system.

Your company may need to restrict access by staff and visitors through entrance doors and specific parts of your building. An access control system can be designed to do precisely that, automatically and without fuss. An access control system can limit access to sensitive or high-value areas like computer suites, cash or accounts departments. It can also restrict access by some personnel to certain times of day, as well as logging movements by staff and visitors for future reference.

For high risk or sensitive parts of business premises,  Ion Alarm System is an ideal business security system. This innovative system gives instant protection in the event of a break-in or hold-up. Ion Alarm Systems are providing protection in premises as diverse as small jewelers, electrical goods shops and large warehouses.

We would like to tell you about our approach to business security systems and have the opportunity to advise you on the best way to protect your business. If you would like a free information pack, or more information about how to protect your business please call us. Whatever your business security problem - we almost certainly have a cost-effective solution.